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Welcome Author Richard Banegas!


A Promise Kept:


On Monday July 23rd 2001, my phone rang, setting in motion events that would lead me on a different course, one that would hurl me head long toward a journey of personal loss, sacrifice and a date with destiny.

The call: “Richard, its Olivia. I have some bad news. Champ was killed today.”

My brother, William Banegas Jr. (Champ) met his end walking in front of an Amtrak train in the city of Hanford, California at or about three thirty that day.

What set my feet on an entirely different path came at my brother’s interment ceremonies. The priest finished giving the last blessing; the wind gently blew as the American flags strung among the grave site fluttered in the breeze. Suddenly as if on queue I heard the noon train blow its whistle, sending me toward a surreal moment. A memory buried for years surfaced. Time stopped as my brother spoke to me. “Rich”, he said, “do something important with your life, promise.”

I said, “Yes!” But what does a nine year old know about a promise? A moment later, I woke and turned my gaze toward my sister. I had a promise to fulfill.

Seven years later after long sleepless nights, on May 18, 2009 my sacrifice paid off. I published my first book, Hands of Fire/The Phantom Body with Publish America. Two years later, I bought my rights back and self- published under a different title, A Myth a Prophecy and a Curse. A promise kept.

I got the idea for Hands of Fire/the Phantom Bodywhen I decided to write a book right after I arrived back home. I thought a last adventure together would be my tribute. I wrote myself and William in as the main characters. I was always interested in Archeology and I thought it a good start. A few days later I picked up a book about the Anasazi, an unknown American Indian tribe who lived inside the mountain cliff dwellings in the American West. Now, I had an idea for a story, but something was missing.

That week I entered my office I shared with a co-worker. I noticed she had the English translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I asked her if I could borrow it for the night. Being the sweetheart she was, she said, “Yes!” After a few hours I found my Villain. Now the problem was how to connect both cultures. The answer came. I would dream up a factious Egyptian Goddess, who sends her most trusted warrior Annesh to hide the Awareness of the Asps and the Amulet of power from a wicked devil. But something unexpected happens and the adventure begins.


Blurb: Dr. Ricardo Marcelo was an anthropologist. His job was simple: help his brother Dr. William Marcelo, an archaeologist on a dig in a haunted site the Mock-ta called the Forbidden Land. Then there was Dr. John Bastion, a colleague and a villain. Consumed with the lust for power, John Bastion uncovered an ancient charm from the grave of a man, setting in motion unexpected events, unleashing a prophecy and the curse placed on it, hurling Ricardo and his brother William towards a dark place. At first, William fell into a coma and all hope seemed lost until Ricardo met a mysterious woman who guided him through troubling times. With the help of friends and family, Ricardo set course to free William from a wicked sorceress and a curse that follows his footsteps. With the paradox on the horizon and time running out, Ricardo finally understood what he had to do!

Not happy and wanting to go on my own, I decided to self-publish my next book, At the Shadows Edge. One Sunday at church I was looking up and began to count the lights on the ceiling, when a petite woman sat in front of me. I noticed she had perfectly carved ears with a diamond studded earring on each. Her hair cut looked sassy with a light red tint. My mind began to wander. When I got home I began a sci-fi story that took place in Barcelona. I used the image I saw that day and added in her persona. Her name: Shari Singh, a Detective of Indian and Spanish decent. The thought came from my friend Cindy who is Latin and Korean.  It was a great opportunity to explore what pressure she had coming from two cultures.

Blurb: Shariwas a Lieutenant assigned to the Barcelona Police Department Homicide Division, an unconventional woman with a flaming anger festering inside her. She was hard and unrelenting until he came along and changed all that.

Yet, she held a deadly secret, one only her closest friends knew and they weren’t talking. With the case slipping away and the disappearance of several bodies, Shari goes on the hunt for the one responsible lingering at the shadows edge.

My first two books were a learning curve. Then one day I met an author by the name of Lisa Valdez. She sent me a response to an email I had sent. That day everything changed. A real eye opener. Thank you, Lisa.

Then I found Ray Bradbury’s, Zen, the art of writing/ releasing the creative genius within you. For me it has become the Holy Grail. I keep a copy by me at all times. I began to use his technique and my writing improved one hundred percent.

One night I had a dream. It lasted all night. The next day I woke and wrote my third book: The Pen Pal. A look into the mind of a serial killer.  Here began my journey in the Mystery/Thriller Genre.

Trailer: The Pen Pal
Blurb:He began with a humble existence and ended his life with blood on his hands.
Here begins the story of Shaymus O’Shea, son, father, husband and murderer, told through his eyes. His victims, shown no mercy, wait for justice, while his own daughter, Federal Agent, Katee Alice O’Shea, pursues a killer known as the Deer Hunter, unaware she hunts her own father.
Trailer: Venom
My latest book Venom is a continuation of one of the characters, Katee O’Shea who is called away to Boston to solve the mummified murders, but finds there is more here than meets the eye. My friends like Katee from the Pen Pal. I thought I would dive head long and open up to my feminine side. My wife said, Katee is too arrogant, maybe she is right, but she wears nice clothes and kicks butt. I’ll have to tone her down in the next book.
Blurb: When Katee arrives in Boston to solve the case of the mummified killer, nothing is what it seems. Blinded by treachery, Katee Alice O’Shea is thrown into the fire and thought of as nothing more than Katherine Stone’s bitch. Katee isn’t anyone’s bitch calling in her chips only to find out the whole thing was a lie. Determined to solve the case and tip the scales of justice in her favor, Katee puts everything on the line, striking back against those who tried to destroy her.
The book I am working on now is titled David.It is much darker than the Pen Pal and expect the unexpected in this one. I started in March and have only written four chapters to date. This one is a challenge. This reads mystery/thriller all over it.
I thought a lot about my path. My brother taught me so much. From not having a clue on how to publish to actually having the skills to. I am happy to say: I have kept my promise and now I write for another reason: to be an example to my family, to anyone who reads this; that anything is possible with hard work and dedication to craft.
My best wishes for your success,
Richard Thomas Banegas.

Bio:  Richard Thomas Banegas currently lives in Northern, California with his wife Zonia Banegas and their two terriers, Edward and Carla Antoinette. To date Richard has self-published 4 books with one in the works.
Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Listening to music.
Favorite Female Artist: Elisa
Song: Rainbow
Favorite Male Artist: Andrea Bocelli
Song: Romanza

Links: Amazon

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