Release of SYDNEY’S SONG!!!

September 27th AEST = September 26th CDT
Anyone and everyone is invited.
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Available online at Amazon and the web from September 26th CDT = September 27th AEST
Available for pre-order from September 10th, 2012
Synopsis (read more book descriptions on here):
Grounded in the suburban settings of Sydney and Boston where heartbreaks are juxtaposed with humour, SYDNEY’S SONG is a young girl’s courageous journey to adulthood and a love story.
A work of fiction based on true stories and real events, this novel with an Australian accent shows the world that living with disabilities does not prevent a person from attaining happiness.

REVIEWS (read complete reviews here) :

IRINA DUNN : “Intelligent, touching, interesting and funny.”
MARY METCALFE: “Haunting.” 
 : “SYDNEY’S SONG demonstrates the way in which human beings can thrive under adversity using the power of their hearts and wills.”  
NORMA FOWLER : “Riveting… a young woman who is very keenly perceptive in all people and situations about her.”
 JACOB COATES : “A fantastic love story grounded  quite firmly in a suburban setting with real  characters.”
 MERLENE ALLISON : “Tears fill your eyes as she struggles with disaster only to be replaced with pride as she triumphs over each obstacle”
BRENDA FRANKLIN : “Touches more than just the surface”  
J. LENNI DORNER“Wonderful and compelling…The exploration of the dynamic of the broken family was deeply moving.”
REYNA HAWK:”It really made me feel as though I was right there in Australia! Oh and the ending-“
PHIL NORK: “The writing was superb, the story kept me interested and the ending touched me in ways most books don’t.”

UVI POZNANSKY – “It took me time to write this review because was too busy laughing and crying at every twist and turn of this story.
 (1) From Sydney’s Song (read more excerpts here):
“To Pokolbin Prison, please,” requested a woman in a very weak, barely audible low voice I could well relate to. A vision came to me of a gaunt, sickly, very depressed lady.
I worked out her travel plan. She had to catch a bus, two trains, and a bus again, for a three-hour journey. Then she asked, “How much would it cost for a pensioner and a three-year old?”
Tears gathered in my eyes. A poor young mother with a young child trying to visit her worthless husband at Christmas!
And she was not alone. “To John Moroney Prison, please,” said a miserable mother.
“To Silverwater Correction Centre, please.” A sad girlfriend.
“To Long Bay Jail, please.” A wretched daughter.
Long-suffering souls requested travel plans for Lithgow Jail, Parklea Jail, Goulburn Jail – you name it.
Come to think of it, there was hardly a male caller wanting to visit a female prisoner. Either the men did not use public transport or they didn’t bother to visit. What did this tell you?
(2) From Storylane: Sydney’s Song Storyteller :
 I could tell you about euphoria.
It was walking in the clouds. It was happiness so engulfing, elation so joyous. It was sunshine in your soul, brightening every corner of your heart. It was a supreme delight when your love was smiling into your eyes. Or simply when he was saying “G’day,” trying to imitate your Australian accent.
I could tell you about love.
Love was squirming with fear that you might not look your best for a date. Worried to the bone when he was late (well, what could I say, he was catching CityRail—for God’s sake). And babbling like an idiot when the perfect Adonis showing up at your door robbed you of speech. Love was feeling cherished when he was cooking your dinner


Ia Uaro–At 17, a teen magazine published Ia’s first fiction as a serial. Inundated by her fans’ letters, the publisher printed it as a book which subsequently ended up in high-school libraries. Ia used it to fund her university studies, during which time she was active in aero-modelling, martial arts, mountaineering, speleology… and studied petroleum seismology among her music-playing friends. After her graduation she worked with French, Norwegian and American geophysical companies.

 In Sydney since 1995, Ia now does several kinds of volunteer work for the community, assesses manuscripts, reviews books, and writes real-life socio-fiction.

Chapters of Life :      

Note: SYDNEY’S SONG is not a mainstream work. It is for readers of any genre who occasionally want something different. SYDNEY’S SONG has many multi-national characters and the story has so many layers. Ex visitors of Sydney will smile and smile remembering their times in Sydney and treasure it as a travel memento; many troubled souls will regard it as a survival guide and read it again and again for reassurance each time they want to commit suicide; lovers worldwide will pause and rethink their relationships; Sydneysiders will have and angry uproar  when they discover the inner working of public service from this insider’s tell-all; debates on several social issues will be ignited; the kids about to finish high school won’t know what will hit them; and at the same time one shelf of this book will be the humour category. But Sydney’s Song is FAR from confusing – only different readers will have different perception.  


About Elizabeth Delana Rosa

Elizabeth Delana Rosa has always been a writer and reader. When she first learned letter and words in Kindergarten, she wrote about pigs who “groo” wings and became “butterfys.” Elizabeth knew way back then that she would have a love affair with books. They have overtaken her life and have been a constant companions. Now over 20 years later, that love flows over into writing blogs, reviews, poetry and fantasy novels. Her blog recently broke the 3000 followers mark.

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