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C Martin SteppMeet the Author

C. Martin Stepp is a new author and is currently working on a series of humorous detective novels. The books feature private investigator Hitchcock Brown. “Walking Backwards” and “Two Thursdays” are currently published. A third novel “Deadbolt” is in the works and should be published soon. Find him online on his Website.

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Hitchcock Brown is a private investigator. In Two Thursdays, the Chief of police asks him for his help rooting out a major drug Two Thursdaysproblem in Cincinnati. It’s a problem which may involve members of his own department. They both learn it involves a lot more than that. As the story develops, Brown finds himself becoming involved with seedy police informants, a crooked cop, a prison inmate and a roadie for a rock band that everyone calls “Knucklehead.” The novel builds to a fantastic conclusion which involves a myriad of characters. Throughout the book, Hitchcock Brown to maintain his wry sense of humor.


TWO THURSDAYS By C. Martin Stepp. Amazon: 146 pages; $9.95.

C. Martin Stepp’s “Two Thursdays” is the follow -up novel to his first book “Walking Backwards.” Both books feature private investigator Hitchcock Brown. While I am generally a fan of detective stories, I can’t remember the last time I read one quite like this. Author Stepp’s humor is so dry, you almost have to re- read some passages before you realize how funny it is. Like a fine wine, it might take two or three servings before the effects start to kick in.
I’ve read a lot of books that go out of their way to hook you in after a few sentences. “Two Thursdays” takes a decidedly different approach. Stepp almost seems to go out of his way to tell you that you are reading a boring story. While the day to day life of the main character Hitchcock Brow n is not all that interesting, it does lead to a story that would not be possible without the rich character development. The private investigator has the almost obligatory friend in the police department. In this case, it is the Chief of Police Derrick C. Guildford. Most people call him “Grildpork” due to his obvious affinity for barbeque. The relationship between Brow n and his friend Grildpork humorously develops throughout the novel.
Just as he manages to lull you into a false sense of normality, Brow n takes a hard left turn and reinvents himself as a struggling record producer. His friend Grildpork thinks his friend has lost his mind and Brown finds himself in some situations he couldn’t possibly imagine. The story starts to veer off in numerous directions. I started to wonder how Stepp could possibly bring the disparate elements together without spinning off numerous sequels. New characters are introduced, new story lines are developed and some of them spin off as if they never existed at all. As I started to think that the book would self-destruct into some vision of an impossible future, Stepp brings it all back together for a fantastic conclusion.
I don’t want to spoil the ending for anybody that has not yet read the book. For a story that seems to start with a mundane dialogue, it certainly ends up with a bang. On its own “Tw o Thursdays” stands out as a breakthrough novel. I would recommend reading “Walking Backwards” first. I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series.

-Mark Dylan


Ridgeway not only had most of the best criminal minds in the greater Cincinnati area under his thumb, he also had a lot of the cops in town in his pocket. I’m not just talking about the Cincinnati Police Department, which was now firmly under Grildpork’s control. Ridgeway had operatives in all of the county Sheriff’s departments, townships and local municipalities within a hundred mile radius of the city. You would have to look long and hard to find a chink in the suit of armor Ridgeway was now wearing. I was going to have to target this guy like the exhaust vent on the Death Star in the original Star Wars movie.
I started shuffling through my notes and the cards I had collected last night. I came across my card that I had given to Frizz with his number on the back. I didn’t think it would hurt to call Stan Grossman to see if he knew any rock bands that were looking for a roadie. I flipped through a legal pad on my desk and located his number. I wasn’t even keeping a file on my computer regarding this case anymore. At least handwritten notes can be destroyed. I found the number and dialed up Grossman.
A receptionist answered the phone. I said: “Stan Grossman pleases.” She asked: “May I tell him who is calling?”
I said: “Sure. Tell him it’s Barry Summers.” She put me on hold and I heard the terrible music again. I think they had changed it. It was even worse this time. It sounded like an Egyptian rap band trapped in a Laundromat. A female vocalist came in that sounded like somebody was trying to strangle a cat. I held the receiver away from my ear until I heard a click that would indicate I was being connected to Stan.


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