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T. L. Jones lives in South East Texas with her husband,

Dave, and Teacup Poodle, Winston. She is a military veteran

and a former police officer. T.L. uses her law enforcement

experience to bring thrilling, believable mysteries to her


Along with a vivid imagination T. L. loves anything

paranormal and participates when possible in paranormal

investigations. T.L. is a member of East Texas Paranormal


She has a passion for writing and developing intriguing

characters for her books.  When time and weather permits,

you will find her scuba diving with her husband.

T. L. is an avid reader and enjoys hearing from her readers.


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When did you first realize you

wanted to be an Author?

Being an author has always held appeal for me, but wasn’t

something I thought I could actually do. I put it off for years

and finally decided; why not? It came naturally to me. I am

very fortunate. T he unfortunate part is I wasted a lot of time

by not trying.


What would you say is your

interesting quirk that only

happens when you are writing?

I’m not sure this is considered a “quirk”, but I find I cannot

write unless I feel the urge. It comes on me all of a sudden

and then when I sit at my keyboard the words flow almost of

their own accord. It’s kind of freaky. If I’m not feeling the urge

it’s like a writer’s block happens to me.


What was one of the most

surprising things you learned in

writing your books?

I’m not a quick-witted type so when I realized I could actually

tell a story that made people laugh, it was an exciting thing

for me. People tell me my books bring out emotions in them

while they are reading such as; laughing, crying, fear,

excitement, etc. I love to hear back from my readers.


Where did you get ideas for your


This is always a very difficult question for me. I really don’t

know where my books come from. I mean when I decided to

try my hand at writing I had no idea what genre I would write,

no storyline, no characters, nothing thought out. I sat down

with my laptop and four hours later I had the first three

chapters of Jaded Visions finished. I have been able to

repeat this same style with my other three novels.


Out of all the books you have

written which is your favorite and


Oh wow! Now this is impossible to answer. I have things

about each book that I simply love. To single one out would

be like asking a “Mother” to tell you which of her children is

her favorite.


What do you think makes a good


I would have to say first it has to be a subject that interest

me, then keep me engrossed as it plays out. The characters

need to be believable the storyline does as well. I want the

story to flow like a movie for me, not something I’m just



Who are some of your favorite


I have several authors that I enjoy, of course, there are the

well known authors such as, Mary Higgins Clark, Kay

Hooper, Charlain Harris, Nora Roberts, but I also enjoy

unknown authors such as, Ellen Elizabeth Hunter, Cheryl

Bradshaw, Janni Nell, Connie Shelton and many more. I read

extensively and do not keep to a few authors. I read

unknowns, as well as, well known.


If you could pick one actor to

play a character in your book in

the movie version, who would it


Channing Tatum would make an incredible “Ryan Douglas”

in Jaded Visions.

Who are some of the people that

influenced your love of writing?

I would say first and foremost is my mom. She gave me a

passion for reading and opening the door to my imagination.

I am extremely fortunate to have a husband and grown

children support me and push me when the need arises.

T here are so many wonderful people in my life that are there

for me while I struggle in this competitive industry.


What kind of TV shows do you

like and do you find that as a

Paranormal Writer that you

gravitate toward True Blood,

Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl and

others that center around

Preternatural or Supernatural


I watched TV series such as, True Blood, Vampire Diaries,

Ghost Whisperer, Drop Dead Diva, and Medium, but they

soon lost my interest. I would rather read a good book then

watch TV any day.


How are your Supernaturals

different from the traditional


My novels have people with different psychic abilities.

Instead of going with the “predetermined” way everyone

thinks of these types I go straight to the source. I have many

contacts from attending paranormal conventions that

answer questions for me concerning their gifts. I want my

novels to ring as true as possible in all ways.


What is your view on the

Paranormal “Craze” that’s going

on; do you feel that it is a fad?

I believe the “Paranormal Craze” has been around for years

and years, but the term ‘paranormal’ had such a taboo

affixed to it that people were too closed minded and not

willing to explore further. Now with all the information and

technology it has become more acceptable. I believe it will be

around for quite some time.


What other genres do you write?

I write mystery and suspense in

with the paranormal. I am a former police officer so I can

enhance my novels with truth of

experience in an entertaining manner.


If you had one piece of advice for

an aspiring Author what would it


Never give up, never edit your own work, and always check

out the final product before it is released. Something I wish I

had known starting out. Sometimes we get to excited to see

our books in print and take ‘people’ at their word. I could tell

you a horror story, I’m sure many other new author’s

experienced as well. 😦


What would you like to say to

friends and family of Authors (not

just your own)?

The most important thing to remember about your author

friend/family member, is they are creative so be patient, be

supportive, and truthful. When they ask “What do you think?”

Be honest! Most of us wouldn’t ask if we didn’t want to

know. We’re tougher than you think and can take your

suggestions if given tactfully.


Is there anything else you want

to share with your readers?

I love feedback from my readers, good or bad. I’m always

listening to what you have to say. I also want them to know I

“chose” to self-publish. I had a publisher, but the experience

was horrible so I chose to do it myself. T his doesn’t make

me an “unpublished author” it makes me a go getter!


An Excerpt from:

Jaded Visions:

Jade settled Emmie in the rear car seat, and they left the

security of their little cabin hideaway. She tried to figure out

the best way to explain their meeting with her dad and Ryan.

Emmie steadily watched Jade through the mirror. Her

expression full of questions, but Jade still didn’t have

answers. Figuring she’d better start a conversation with

Emmie, and hopefully stave off the questions she knew

would start soon.

“Emmie, do you have family here besides your mom and


“Yeah, my Aunt Annie. She goes to school.”

“Do you know the name of Annie’s school?” She asked


“Yeah the school is named college, silly.”

“Oh. Does Annie have kids?”

“No. . . Jade?”


“Can I go home so I can see Harry? I think he’s hungry, and


“Who’s Harry?” Jade’s heart began to pound rapidly.

“Harry’s my dog.”

“I didn’t know you had a dog, Emmie. Why don’t you tell me

about Harry.” Whew, too close for comfort. Crud, why would

another kid pop into my mind?

“He’s a big dog and very smart. He can sit, and shake paws;

he even rolls over if you tell him to. I miss Harry.”

Now Jade had another problem. Harry! She didn’t even

know Emmie’s address. Would a six year old know her

address? “I’ll take you home later, and we’ll take care of

Harry together.” Jade drove on her mind goin in circles.

She’d have to tell Emmie the truth soon.

First things first she needed to deal with her apprehension


in seeing Ryan, now that he knew her secret. What had he

thought about her? Did he consider her a crazy loon?

Would he want proof of her visions? Ha! Of course he’d

want proof; he’s a cop! How in the world could she appear

normal, hold a normal conversation with him when he knew

her secret? Hell too much thinking can hurt anyone’s selfconfidence

she just needed to let it go.

Emmie still watched her through the mirror, so Jade decided

to take the bull by the horns. “You know we’re going to see

my dad, his name’s Walt, and he’s very excited to meet you.”

Jade paused, giving Emmie a chance to think about this.

“He’ll probably ask you all kinds of questions, but you don’t

have to answer anything you don’t want to.”

“Is your daddy mean?” Emmie looked frightened and Jade’s

heart crumbled.

“No, sweetie, he’s very nice, I think you’ll like him. Do you

have grandparents?”

“Yeah, my grammy lives in New York, and my nanny is in


“No grandfathers, grandpa’s?”

“No Gramps died, but Grammy says he’s alive in our hearts.

Do you have a grammy and gramps?”

“No mine died a long time ago. My mom died too, but your

grammy is right, my mom lives on in my heart.”

T he closer they got to her dad’s house, the sharper the

panic stabbed inside. She decided to stall a while. “Hey do

you like ice cream, kiddo?”

“Oh yeah,” she yelled excitedly.

Jade felt Emmie needed more time, she knew she did. She

drove past Walt’s house to a popular ice cream parlor.

“What’s your favorite flavor?” Jade did her best to keep the

chatter light as she parked the car.


“Do you want a cone or a sundae?”

“A cone please.” Emmie’s face lit up with a huge smile and

dancing eyes.

“Okay, one strawberry cone, and one chocolate cone it is.”

Jade sat Emmie down on a chair. “Wait right here.” Turning

to the young girl at the counter, she ordered their treats.

While she waited, she kept her gaze on Emmie. She looked

so tiny, and alone, sitting there with her short legs dangling,

moving back and forth with anticipation. Once again, she

wondered what would happen to this child. Emmie’s face lit

up when she saw the cones.

“Yummy, my cone,” she said as she reached for the pink one

and began licking it with enthusiasm. “Everyone likes

chocolate, Mommy says only special people like strawberry.”



About Elizabeth Delana Rosa

Elizabeth Delana Rosa has always been a writer and reader. When she first learned letter and words in Kindergarten, she wrote about pigs who “groo” wings and became “butterfys.” Elizabeth knew way back then that she would have a love affair with books. They have overtaken her life and have been a constant companions. Now over 20 years later, that love flows over into writing blogs, reviews, poetry and fantasy novels. Her blog recently broke the 3000 followers mark.

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