Ada Marie Slowe Author Interview


My full name is Ada Marie Slowe. I just turned twenty years old. A little young? Yes, I know . I was born  and raised in a small town called Newfield, New York. I’ve lived in quite a few places so as for school, I’ve gone to Newfield Central School, located in New York. Kathleen High School, The pace center for Girls,  both located in Lakeland, Florida . Montebella High school, located In Edmore, Michigan, and the place I  graduated from being Penn Foster online high school I’ve never been like anyone my age . While most  people were into playing outside as children, or going to the mall when they became teenagers, I was  always stuck in my room either reading a book, or writing. I’ve always been a nerd, anyone in my family  can attest to that. I’ve always been fascinated with books, and writing. English has been always my favorite in  school, it was where I could use my imagination.   My favorite things? To be honest, would be writing and reading. It took up so much of my time already  but I enjoy it. But when I have free time I like to go to the mall in my town to the animal store, I’m a huge  animal lover, and to be honest, if I could have a farm of cats and dogs, I think I would. I do enjoy other  things though, I love movies, and I love spending time with my family. I enjoy baking, I love to  exercise, I enjoy scrapbooking, I love keeping track of memories . How else do we give thanks to the small  things in life?   I discovered the gift of writing at only ten years old. I never had it easy, I’ve had to work for everything  I’ve ever gotten, and writing has been always my outlet, something I could count on when I couldn’t count on  people . It’s my lifeline.  Find me Online on Twitter and Facebook.

 What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?  

My writing quirk, I would say is two things . Music and scenes from shows . I can’t tell you how many times  I listen to old scenes from General Hospital just to inspire myself to write .

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books? 

I write better in third person and I write way better when I’m darker than I do when it’s happiness .

Where did you get ideas for your books? 

I get ideas from so many things . I would say that I have an overactive mind. My first ever book I  started, the inspiration came from a couple on a show . They were on the show One life to live, Starr and  Cole . Starr Crossed lovers, so I did something with that as I put it to paper.

Out of all the books you have written which is your favorite and why?

I think my favorite book would probably be the one I’m writing now , which is called Reckless . It’s different  from anything I’ve ever done, and it goes through different emotions, it’s not just happy, or just sad, it  mixes up and in my personal opinion, it just shows that if you’re capable of loving someone then you’re  capable of being saved.

What age group do you think best describes your reader? 

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what best describes my reading age group, I mean I would say  twenties, but I’m not sure . I’ve started an author’s page and posted teasers and people from all different age groups are telling me how they can’t wait, so I’m honestly not sure .

What do you think makes a good story? 

I think something that captivates the reader. If the reader doesn’t feel the emotion, then it must not be a  good story.

 Who are some of your favorite Authors? 

That’s a really long list.   Jamie McGuire,   Nicholas Sparks,   E. L. James,  Maya Banks, Sylvia Day

What song best describes your book and Why? 

Pieces of red. Why? Because it shows that no matter what you go through, what’s wrong in your life you  always have that one person you can go to who can make you whole again.

Who are some of the people that influenced your love of writing?  

My mom. She’s one of my biggest supporters and always believed in my dreams .   My best friend, Stephenie .   My sister, Ashley.   My former English teacher.

If you had one piece of advice for an aspiring Author, what would it be?  

Write . That’s all you really can do, write for yourself, if you lose sight why you ever start writing, or if  you start writing for fame, then you’ll never end up with good books . Also to never give up, if you want  something bad enough, you’ve got to fight for it.

What would you like to say to friends and family of writers (not just your own)?

Thank you for reading.

What projects do you have up and coming?  

I’ve been working on a few new books .

 Is there anything else you want to share with your readers?

I just want them to know how grateful I honestly am for all their support. I am so happy to have such a  great support system.

Excerpt from Reckless

“Why won’t you just leave me alone?” Audrey asked Aiden as she stood on the edge of the bridge in the  pouring rain. She’d been standing here for hours and she hadn’t expected anyone to come find her. How  did Aiden possibly find her? Why was he here?   “ Because I love you, God Audrey, everyone can see it except you! You are such an idiot. You mean the entire world to me and without you, the music, the fame, hearing my song on the radio, it means  absolutely nothing without you, don’t you get that? I love you so much that it hurts . I can’t function,  Audrey, you consume me, I can’t even breathe without you. Okay? I know that I’m fucked up, I know that  I’ve got baggage, I know that I’m troubled, and I know that I could live a thousand lifetimes, and I still  wouldn’t deserve you, but I love you. And I need you to get down off that bridge and come with me .”  Aiden told her, holding a hand to her and slowly stepping towards her.   “ I can’t, Aiden, I can’t be with you, not now , and not ever.” She stated, as her tears began to fall harder.  She’d been pushing Aiden away for months but in all honesty the only thing she really wanted was to run  to him and let him hold her. She needed it. She was ruining her own happiness all because she thought  she didn’t deserve it.   “Why not?” Aiden yelled over the rain. Seeing the woman he loved standing on the edge of a bridge was  the most frightening thing he’s experienced, the fact that at any given moment, she could jump scares the  hell out of him, he just needed to get her down.   “ Because you scare me, the way I feel about you, it’s so intense, it’s electrifying and exciting. All of that  right there, Aiden is screaming danger, how can I give you my heart just to have it handed back in shattered  pieces? You’re okay right? Is that what you want to hear, rock star, I love you. I’ve loved you from that  moment you first kissed me but you scare me, you captivate me .” Audrey confessed after months of  fighting it.   “Then come be with me, I love you, Audrey and I’ll keep saying that until it’s not scary anymore, I love  you, I love you, I love you. Come be with me .”   “ I should have died that night, Aiden, but he did. Now I have to make it right.”   “ Don’t you leave me, not after you just told me the one thing I’ve been waiting to hear for so long. “ Aiden  told her as she finally reached the edge, and at the moment that she looked away from him, she gave him  just enough time to pull her down.   “ Let me go Aiden.” She cried as he carried her in his arms away from the bridge .   Setting her down, he cupped her face in his hands and stared into the hazel eyes he loved completely. “ I  love you, you don’t want you to leave me, Kane, wouldn’t want this for you.”   “ But it hurts Aiden, my mother told me that she wished I would have been the one that died, Aiden she  hates me .” Audrey cried, and Aiden didn’t need to say another word, he just grabbed her in his arms as  they fell to the ground and he held her as she cried.   “Aiden, why me?” Audrey asked out of curiosity. He had girls throwing themselves at him from many  different angles, yet here he was with her. She didn’t understand it, she probably never would.   “What do you mean? “ Aiden asked as he stopped playing with her hair to look down at her.   Sitting up, she turned to face him this was a talk they needed to have if they wanted to continue to be a  couple, if that was what they were . Before they’d met Aiden had taken it upon himself to sleep with half of  New York City. How was Audrey any different from those girls? Did they even have a future? Aiden was  always afraid to commit, so how was this any different?   “Well, why do you want me, you have all those girls that you’ve slept with, and then there’s Alex, who  keeps throwing herself at you, why do you want me? You could have anyone you want, and you’re here with me . Why? I just don’t understand.” Audrey confessed as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.   “ I love you, Audrey, I’ve never felt this way about anyone . I’m not a good guy, Audrey, I’m selfish, I drink too much, I use women, I have too many tattoos and piercings, and I’m reckless . I look at you though and  everything changes, you make me want to be a better man, you give me the strength I need to confront  my demons, I know in the bottom of my stone cold heart that I don’t deserve you, but I love you, and  Alex, and those other girls they mean nothing to me, but you, love, you mean everything.”   In the moment that he pulled her to his chest, Audrey knew that she’d never felt safer than when she was in Aiden’s arms.


About Elizabeth Delana Rosa

Elizabeth Delana Rosa has always been a writer and reader. When she first learned letter and words in Kindergarten, she wrote about pigs who “groo” wings and became “butterfys.” Elizabeth knew way back then that she would have a love affair with books. They have overtaken her life and have been a constant companions. Now over 20 years later, that love flows over into writing blogs, reviews, poetry and fantasy novels. Her blog recently broke the 3000 followers mark.

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