Interview with Linda Bolton, Author of Take Two


Take 2 is Linda Bolton’s first novel is available on Amazon. When she’s not writing, she is a “GIGI,” playing with her new granddaughter Z, and working full-time. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and her Romance Blog

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1) When did you first realize you wanted to be an Author?

I’ve been writing since I was a teen – poetry mostly. In my twenties I tried my hand at a story. I really enjoyed it but put it on the back burner. Now that my daughter is grown and I have more free time writing has become a part of my life.

2) What would you say is your interesting quirk that only happens when you are writing?

I am a musicaholic. I listen to music all the time, except when I’m writing. I need total silence. I even have a special sofa seat I have to be sitting on to really get in the zone.

3) What was one of the most surprising things you learned in writing your books?

That total strangers like my book. I liked it and my friends liked it. It’s so great to see a review where someone else likes it.

4) Where did you get ideas for your books?

From people around me. In my first book, Take 2, the main male is based off Gerard Butler. In my second book, working on it now, the main male is based off Criss Angel. I have a book down the way based of friends . People’s quirks give me ideas . Their personalities motivate my ideas .

5) Out of all the books you have written which is your favorite and why?

I only have one book so far, Take 2. I’m working on the second and I think I will like this one even better. It will be a more challenging character, more complicated.

6) Is your book considered Erotica, Romance with a few spicy scenes or YA and Why?

Take 2 is a contemporary romance with a medium spice level. It follows the basic romance pattern – boy meets girl, they have complications getting together, they realize they love each other and happy ever after.

7) What do you think makes a good story?

Anything can make a good story as long as it’s well written. You can write about the dullest day and make it interesting if you just look around you.

8) Who are some of your favorite Authors?

Jade Lee, Christopher Moore, Kathy Garwood, there are tons . I enjoy reading a variety of genres and I love meeting authors .

Gerard Butler Google Image

Gerard Butler Google Image

9) If you could pick one actor to play a character in your book in the movie version, who would it be?

Gerard Butler *sigh*

10) What sets your book apart from others of the same genre?

My characters aren’t 20-something virgins . They’re 40+ adults , the female is actually a couple years older than the male. It’s a fantasy about meeting your celebrity crush. We all have those…

11) Who are some of the people that influenced your love of writing?

All the authors I friended or who friended me on Facebook. They have been so great about answering my questions , motivating me when the days get tough, marketing for me now that the book is out. I also have a great publisher that is supers supportive.

12) If you had one piece of advice for an aspiring Author what would it be?

Keep writing and make lots of writing friends !

13) What would you like to say to friends and family of Authors (not just your own)?

Thanks so much for putting up with those moments when we stop in mid sentence, grab a piece of paper and ask for total silence while we write down a random thought. I’m sure it’s terribly irritating.

14) Is there anything else you want to share with your readers?

More books are coming. They will all be slightly connected, yet each very different. I hope you’ll love them!

Take_2_bookcoverExcerpt from Take Two

“Go”, “Two minutes ”, was hollered out. Alex felt nervous even though most of the men at the speed-dating meeting didn’t appear her type. T he fact that they wouldn’t find her their type bothered her most.

“Hi, my name is Rick. I work at a comic bookstore” was all Alex heard. He had shoulder length hair, a beard and his shirt was wrinkled. “Your turn”.

“Hi, I’m Alex. A widow. Customer service rep. My daughter just got married.” She was on auto-pilot. She repeated the same thing with every guy. “Tell me more about yourself,” was her next line so she wouldn’t have to really participate. And they did.

Why did she agree to do this ? Kathleen was crazy. She actually looked like she was having fun.

“Go! Two minutes .”

And it repeated, this time with a manager of Burger King. Ugh! These men were so boring. It’s no wonder they couldn’t find dates . “I love reading and watching science fiction. I have the complete set of Star Wars collectibles .” This was pure torture. Kathleen owed her. Having her eyebrows waxed was better than this .

“Go! Two minutes ”.

This one had a real job. “I work at a bank.”

“Oh, what do you do?” Alex was a bit intrigued.

“Oh, I meant to say I worked in a bank. Until I went to jail for embezzling. I have served my time and am looking for work right now. I’m on probation for five years ,” Mitchell said with a smile.

“Isn’t that a felony?” Alex couldn’t believe he was having this conversation.

“Yeah, I’ll get a job soon. I’m staying with my mom right now. She has plenty of room and doesn’t mind if I bring the ladies by,” he managed with a wink.

“Go! Two minutes ”.

Thank God it was almost over! Alex was never going to repeat this experience. As her last speed-date babbled on about his inability to wear corrective shoes , Alex watched Kathleen laugh and chat away with hers . Kathleen looked like she really enjoyed doing this . Alex was in awe–and misery.

When it was finally over Alex and Kathleen headed to the bar for a drink to compare notes .

“This was too much fun! These guys are a riot! I think I may meet the ex-con for drinks later!” Kathleen giggled at the thought of her possibly date.

“Are you insane?” Alex couldn’t believe her ears .

“Did you not have fun Alex?” Kathleen looked genuinely surprised.

“Kathleen, I realize your fun and my fun are two totally different things . You know I would do anything for you but NEVER ask me to do this again! It was pure torture!” Alex didn’t mean to come across so agitated but she just couldn’t help it.

Kathleen looked a bit hurt but after her first margarita so he was understanding and agreed to take her sister next time. Alex couldn’t wait to get home, take a long shower and crawl into bed. Suddenly, being alone sounded wonderful.

About Elizabeth Delana Rosa

Elizabeth Delana Rosa has always been a writer and reader. When she first learned letter and words in Kindergarten, she wrote about pigs who “groo” wings and became “butterfys.” Elizabeth knew way back then that she would have a love affair with books. They have overtaken her life and have been a constant companions. Now over 20 years later, that love flows over into writing blogs, reviews, poetry and fantasy novels. Her blog recently broke the 3000 followers mark.

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