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Interview with james crawford


james crawford (all lowercase please) grew up in Foxbourgh, PA. I currently live in Hornlake, MS with my partner of five years.

As of right now, I am currently in the midst of finalizing edits for the re-release of Caleo Leech: Book 1. In between edits for Book 1 I am also working on Jack Leech: Book 2, which I will have a cover for soon and a release date that is somewhere in the near future. Keep an eye on the blog for news of that and many other things.

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Buy the LBGTQ YA Leech Series Amazon:
Book 1: Caleo and Book 2: Jack 

Caleo is Free Today!!


  1. When did you first realize you wanted to be an Author?

james crawford: about two months before I decided I wanted to publish Caleo. I just started writing Caleo for fun, I had a dream about the characters and started writing. At first I thought it would be just for me then I started sharing it with a few

friends and realized I might have an actual book.

  1. What would you say is your interesting quirk that only happens when you are writing?

james crawford: I hear most authors talk about their play lists for when they are writing. Me I am the opposite I write in silence.

  1. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in writing your books?

james crawford: I found it very surprising how loyal fans can be. I have made some really great friends and have even been chewed out over writing something the reader wished happened differently.

  1. Where did you get ideas for your books?

james crawford: The idea for Caleo came from a series of dreams I had. It took a lot of refining though but the idea came from a series of dreams.

  1. Out of all the books you have written which is your favorite and why?

james crawford: right now I only have the two books in the same series but I would have to say my favorite of the two is Caleo. It’s still my baby. The whole interdiction of the idea and characters is what I like best in stories.

  1. What do you think makes a good story?

james crawford: I believe what makes a good story is the relate ability of the characters.

  1. Who are some of your favorite Authors?

james crawford: Christopher Paolini, Perry Moore, Pittacus Lore

  1. If you could pick one actor to play a character in your book in the movie version, who would it be? Picture of the Actor

james crawford: I would pick Andrew Garfield to play Caleo, I mean look at that hair. Can you imagine that amazing hair white?

Photo belongs to its prospective owner

Photo belongs to its prospective owner

  1. Who are some of the people that influenced your love of writing?

James crawford: I would have to say Perry Moore influenced me the most. He was the one who showed me that a young adult book can have a gay main character and not have the plot focused on his sexuality.

  1. What kind of TV shows do you like and do you find that as a Paranormal Writer that you gravitate toward True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl and others that center around Preternatural or Supernatural Creatures?

james crawford: I love TV, I watch all kinds of shows. Doctor Who, Torchwood, Love Supernatural, Being Human, I loved the first few seasons of True blood. It is true that I tend to gravitate towards Supernatural or Preternatural shows as a norm but I also have my reality shows and a few shows like Bones, Modern Family, raising hope, and Enlisted.

  1. How are your Supernaturals different from the traditional mythology?

james crawford: When I designed my Leeches I decided that I didn’t want any species of supernatural creatures that have ever been heard of. I know when you hear Leeches you think vampires but they aren’t your normal Vampires. They don’t drink blood. They steal your energy to power their special abilities.

  1. What is your view on the Paranormal “Craze” that’s going on, do you feel that it is a fad that people will look back on and laugh or a lasting interest that will birth classics to come?

james crawford: I believe it is going to last. People are always looking for ways to escape real life and the Paranormal Genre is just going to keep growing.

  1. What other genres do you write?

james crawford: right now I just have the one series so this is pretty much it at the moment. J

  1. If you had one piece of advice for an aspiring Author what would it be?

james crawford: Find yourself a great writing buddy. When I first started I met Nova Sparks, she has helped me every step of the way. Without her I don’t think I would be anywhere close to where I am today.

  1. What would you like to say to friends and family of Authors (not just your own)?

james crawford: you poor souls I am so sorry. I know the torment I put my family and friends through and I know it isn’t easy seeing your love one living in their own world.

  1. Is there anything else you want to share with your readers?

james crawford: just that my book Caleo leech book 1 is free today so please feel free to check it out.

Excerpt from Caleo:

Caleo“Damn it, Jack! Can’t we just go? My head is pounding.” Caleo held one hand to the side of his head to make the lie more convincing. In truth, his head had stopped hurting a while ago, but he needed an excuse to escape this constant interrogation. Caleo was annoyed when Jack didn’t even take his eyes off his Heart of the Destroyer arcade machine.

 “Okay, let me finish this life. Then we can go.”

Caleo rolled his eyes, knowing that it could take Jack forever to lose this game. He held the highest score for the last two years. Great, I think I would have been better off at school.

Caleo turned and walked out into the diner area. Once there, he read the caption on the TV in the corner, which said: The President and four White House staff members were found dead in the White House. The coroner’s office said their hearts just stopped beating. No other injuries were found. An artist rendering of a man appeared on the left side and the news anchor said, “Here is an illustration of a man the authorities are calling a person of interest. Call your local authorities if you know this man,” while a video played in the corner of the screen.

In the video, a man walked up to a woman dressed in a suit and shook her hand. When the man let go of her hand, she collapsed to the floor as if she’d passed out. The man then stepped over the woman and walked down the nearest hallway. The reporter came back on and reminded everyone that this man was only a person of interest and to contact your local authorities if you have seen him. Soon, a picture of Caleo’s school came up on the screen, but Caleo just shook his head and walked away as truckers gathered around the TV, blocking it from view. The noise muted out the reporter, so he decided to go outside to find a nice, shady tree and take a nap until Jack finished

He found a picnic table sitting under a large oak tree. Lying his head down on his folded arms he closed his eyes, but couldn’t fall asleep. Every time he closed his eyes he saw that boy from the bathroom. He snapped out of his daydream at the sound of footsteps approaching. He lifted his head, but saw no one, so he lay his head back in his arms and listened for the steps again. Sure enough, they continued to get closer. Confused, Caleo got up from the picnic bench and looked around.

“Who’s there?” He whirled around, looking for any sign of someone hiding. “I know you’re there, Jack! You might as well come out!”

“Okay,” a woman’s voice softly whispered in Caleo’s ear.

Caleo felt someone jump on his back and wrap their arms around his neck. He looked down, but saw nothing. He could feel the weight and the strangulation, but couldn’t see them. As panic set in, he did the first thing he could think of and fell backwards towards the picnic table. If you’re not real this is going to hurt me a lot. The grip around his neck loosened as an invisible barrier hit the table and a cry of pain screeched inside Caleo’s ears. Then, the person let go altogether, leaving Caleo gasping for air. What the hell is going on? First the guy in the bathroom, now this.

A moment later he was pinned to the ground, getting punched in the face over and over again. Grabbing at air in front of him, he managed to find something hard and pushed against it. Whatever was on top of him would not budge. Caleo noticed that he could see little puffs of breath appearing from out of thin air. It’s almost summer. How can I see my breath? He turned his head and saw frost forming on the grass, creeping outward by the second. There was a scream of pain and Caleo felt the weight roll off of him. Then he heard a fury of footsteps going off into the wooded patch behind the table.

I’m out of here! Barely taking time to catch his breath, Caleo jumped to his feet and ran for the door of the truck stop. Just as he reached it, he saw Jack walking out, the manager of the store right on his heels looking mad until he opened the door to leave. Slowing his pace so as not to look scared, Caleo checked his appearance and noticed that the knees of his pants had a layer of mud sticking to them. When he reached down to brush it off, he found that the mud was frozen solid to his jeans. Hoping Jack would not notice, Caleo walked up to him.

“Did you beat your score?” he asked, trying to hide the fear in his voice.

“No. They kicked me out. No shirt, no shoes.” Jack smiled as he pointed to the different missing articles of his wardrobe on Caleo. “What were you doing, rolling in the mud?” Jack started walking in the direction of the house without waiting for an answer.

“Something like that.” Caleo jogged after him as a chunk of mud and grass fell off the seat of his pants. I wonder if that was one of those things that creep was talking about.

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