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Review of Double Trouble by Catherine Vale

I enjoyed this book. It was out of my comfort zone of what I usually read. I appreciated that it was vanilla menage and a well-balanced relationship between 3 people, who love and respect each other. It had all the great earmarks of well-written romance (“will they or won’t they” moments, a break up fueled by past hurts, and a sweet reunion) with a few peppered scenes of suspense. The author is extremely talented and I look forward to reading more by her. I wish I could do a 95% star and make it 4.95 stars. That little take off is to mention a very few very minor errors, where the story had repeated paragraphs, and the occasional person shift (ie 3rd to 1st same sentence). The only tiny negative I can see in the book, that doesn’t change my review of 4.95 stars is the character description is vague. I have trouble picturing our lovers and their community. When I read, the movie version plays in my head and fine line between too much information and too little must be walked. I had trouble seeing the movie and the characters we are well-rounded personality wise, but they lacked physical form. Again, this changes almost nothing for me. All-in-all, I loved this book and would recommend it highly. In fact, I would love to read Peyton and Alex’s story. I feel if this isn’t a series, then it should be. Great Job, Catherine Vale!

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