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Review of Her Captive Wolf (Sawtooth Shifters Book 1) by Kristen Strassel


A leader facing his pack’s extinction. A woman broken by a tragic accident. Together they just might survive—if they learn to trust each other.
As the director of Forever Home animal shelter, Trina can’t ignore the rumors about a vicious dog fighting ring in Granger Falls, Idaho, and rushes in to rescue them. She’ll stop at nothing to keep her furry friends safe, even if it puts her life in danger.
With his pack caught and trapped in a fighting ring, Shadow Channing never expected a beautiful woman to be his salvation. Now she’s a target in their pack’s war and he’ll have to explain to her exactly why the wolves she helped save shifted into their human forms on the full moon.
Freedom won’t be enough to save his pack. To best their captors for good, he must work with the rival wolves he fought in captivity and convince Trina the Sawtooth Shifters have no future without her as his mate.

Note from Kristen: Her Captive Wolf was originally published as Forever Home and Rescue Me.

4 Howls..erm…Stars

I really enjoyed this book. It’s heat level runs fairly low grade fever, in that it’s not porn on a page and nobody’s wearing a chastity belt. She details their romantic interludes at about an average of a page and I didn’t want to use a brillo pad on my eyes for it. I can appreciate that.

My only picks are that it wasn’t longer and stand alone. I really love Trina and Shadow. Trina was not only a beautiful soul, but a damaged one that struggled with PTSD, anxiety and depression (me too.) She was a well-balanced character that wasn’t too perfect as with many love stories. The heroine knew she was flawed and owned it. If I was a younger millennial, I’d be all about the #this.

Shadow was pretty awesome. I wish though that there was more to him. I like him, but he was all about Trina. The realist in me makes me go, “Honey, I love you, but you just lost your home, identity (spoiler: Social Security thinks your dead), and Ryker, the evil Shifter wants your pelt and not in a good way!” He needs to be all about her, but at least be alive before he wants to put a ring or love bite or whatever shifters put on it. The romantic in me is like, “Trina, quit living in your stuff and live in the moment with this tough and tender wolf.” I guess you could say I emotionally connected with the characters and highly recommend this sweet, suspenseful and well-written book. I can see why the reviews are so high! I hope to purchase the rest of the series to see how Sawtooth makes out.

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