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Be Kind!


Well, I’m sharing this again here. I have to weigh in (pun intended). I am one of those disgusting people that Mr. Thomas is speaking of and guess what I literally have paid his bills. I have purchased some of his cover art. That was a big mistake, being as he finds me and others like me to be ugly, this goes beyond my pride being pricked.

The larger issue is that shouldn’t censor people as a society, but we should sensor ourselves. Most of us have seen Bambi, the Disney movie, featuring a character that us reminded, “If you can’t say nothin’ nice, don’t say anything at all.” While I support his right, to say how he feels. I don’t have to support his livelihood or his bigotry.

I, also, don’t have support the fact that many of his facts, except those from the CDC, are mere conjecture. I, as a fat, woman have better health than some of my skinnier counterparts. Sure, I could be healthier and struggle with my weight, not because I want to be attractive, but because I have 3 pain conditions. Now, they wouldn’t be solved with weight loss, but they could be better. My struggle is mine and someone who has no business weighing in on it did. It’s hard not to take it personally. For my own catharsis and perhaps yours, this is my reply.

Mr. Thomas,

Your judgment is harmful and mistaken, but you are allowed to your opinion. As I am allowed mine. My butt size is none of your business and if you don’t like how I look, close your eyes. I could sit here and pick apart all that’s wrong with your looks that you so covet, but I won’t, because I, unlike you, don’t judge people on a superficial basis. I offer some strong words. You, sir, are ugly, where the world couldn’t see. In your arrogance, you ripped off your facade on the internet, no less. I can’t believe that you are unmistakably lacking intelligence due to your success, but in a world where the internet doesn’t forget, you basically bit the hand that feeds you. In my friends list alone (4000+ on Facebook alone), I can’t give exact amounts, but over half are women and the majority or them are what the CDC brands as obese (various sizes of beautiful curves.) If you alienate, the people who have supported you, then what do you have? My suggestion is to look in the mirror, if you can try to ignore your face, and see what you can fix to be a better person. Good luck, God speed and consider yourself without at least one Customer!






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