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I am not a lawyer or legal professional and cannot be contacted for legal anti-piracy advice. Some of the links are from legal professionals, others are from noted experts. The usage of these Anti-Piracy links are for informational purposes only. I am not responsible or legally liable over any damage(s) arising from taking the advice on any of  links posted. I do not accept payment or compensation in any form for posting them.

How to Fight Book Pirates

Tips from the Social Times Website

Sample DMCA Take Down

From Patent Attorney Gene Quinn of IPWatchdog, Inc.

From Personal experience you can type the name of your book, your name and epub into the Google Search and you will get some results. Another way to check on your book is to type in the name of your book, your name and torrent. This is a big one and I found a few results for my free book.

Results from 1/8/2014

child of the loch elizabeth delana rosa torrents - Google Search


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