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Review from Best-Selling Author John Reihard-Dizon:

This is an endearing young adult novella that children of all ages will enjoy. Queen of the Loch by Elizabeth Delana Rosa is a worthy read you won’t want to miss.”

Queen of the Loch Paperback ViewTitle: Queen of the Loch

Series: Children of the Loch Saga

Author: Elizabeth Delana Rosa

Publisher: The Waterfall at Celestial Waters Publishing

Published: September 8, 2014

Word Count: Approximately 43,000

Genre: Clean New Adult Fantasy/Paranormal

Synopsis: Jaelyn Adena McDonnell’s world is turned upside-down on her twentieth birthday when a handsome stranger arrives with disturbing news. Not only has the man delivered news a grandfather she has never known has passed away, he is in possession of her marriage edict. JJ (as she is known) realizes her life is going to change in ways she never imagined, beginning with a perilous journey to the Loch where she must claim the throne. With dark forces approaching at every turn, JJ must find the courage to accept her destiny before the opposing forces stand against her.

Excerpt From Queen of the Loch:

Chapter 1: The Nightmare:

The gray overcast sky darkened the room. Shadows grew larger then transitioned into smaller versions of themselves. They played on the slick, molding walls of Castle Loch. King Athelstan McDonnell, Blessed Monarch of the Loch, Second of his Line, lay in the large, downy bed of the royal room. Thick colorful quilts piled high onto him, covering the King from head to toe, yet he could not feel their heat.

Athelstan ‘s teeth chattered uncontrollably occasionally cutting his tongue leaving red streaks on the pale white surface and sores that did not heal, an oddity considering his ancestors and his descendants always healed immediately from wounds. In fact, the McDonnells aged and died but injuries rarely brought them to their end. Whatever plagued the King was not normal. The man fought for his breaths, both inhaling and exhaling the air from tired lungs. His shallow rasps whispered eerily in the hallways of the bricked castle.

Prophets both aged and young, racked with visions gathered themselves at the foot of his bed. Hooded robes and veils covered their faces as they sang the old, healing chants and death songs to the Lord of Light. Their melodious wails reverberated throughout the room and echoed off its corners creating a harmonious chorus of mirrored voices, much like Gregorian chants.



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