Interview Policy

Please DO NOT ASK when the interview is ready unless WE specify a date, and then it is subject to change due to real life emergencies or holiday events. Be patient we will get back to you as soon as we can. If there are corrections for the post, please contact us via email at

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to reject interviews without repercussions from the Authors that submit them.

I only interview Authors of Books suitable for All Ages, Mid-grade Readers, 13+, Young Adult and New Adult- NOT LIMITED TO and INCLUDING Young Adult Paranormal, Young Adult Paranormal Romance, Young Adult Urban Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy, and Young Adult Sci-Fi. If the book written contains rape, sexual situations beyond heavy kissing/allusions to sexual acts or disturbing images such as torture please let me know. Any books with these themes should be classified as 18+ and adult. I will interview authors of said books on a book to book basis. As a personal preference, I  also do not interview authors of anything with occult themes which are defined on a book by book basis. I support you fully in your endeavors but this is not appropriate content for my website. Interviews with LGBTQ authors will be excepted provided the excerpt contains no same sex sexual contact such as oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse… same sex kissing is acceptable, but nothing beyond that and the book mentioned falls within the guidelines mentioned above.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to reject interviews without repercussions from the Authors that submit them. I am not responsible or legally liable over any damage(s) arising from that rejection. I do not accept payment or compensation in any form for my interviews nor do I make exceptions to my interview standards to authors who provide free material or review my works.

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