Review Policy

Please DO NOT attach a copy of your book, DO NOT ASK WHEN I WILL HAVE THE BOOK REVIEW READY unless I specify a date. Be patient I will get back to you as soon as I can. You are important to me but I have a huge list of people vying for my attention. I accept e-books in EPUB format (that are solicited, unsolicited books sent via email will be reviewed at my leisure) or books that can be sent via the US Postal Service. A paperback is preferable because I have convulsions and too much time in front of the computer can increase them.

I will be honest and tell why I do like the book or why I do not. I will give honest criticism about the book and not the author. I do not see the reasoning behind degrading an author over a book that just isn’t in our tastes. I will summarize the storyline without giving too much detail so as not to spoil the reading experience for those that have not read it yet.

I only review Young Adult Paranormal, Young Adult Paranormal Romance, Young Adult Urban Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy, and Young Adult Sci-Fi. If the book contains rape, sexual situations beyond heavy kissing/allusions to sexual acts between consenting adults or disturbing images such as torture please let me know. Any books with these themes should be classified as 18+ and adult. I will not review them or promote them. As a personal preference, I  also do not review anything with LBTGQ or occult themes such as witches and demons. Clean Teen Publishing has a great set of guidelines for YA Readers, if you have any questions about my scale you can find it here. I read and review YA on their scale of 1-4. 

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to reject books without repercussions from the Authors that submit them. Reviews are based solely on my personal opinions and I do not promise a positive review of a book. Also I am not responsible or legally liable over any damage(s) arising from any of my book reviews. I do not accept payment or compensation in any form for our reviews nor do I make exceptions to our review standards to authors who provide free material or review my works.

Additional Information: As of January 2014, my turnaround time for solicited reviews is undetermined due to health issues, but you will be notified as soon as the review is scheduled.

My Promise: I will not share your submissions with any third parties.



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